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Just how much abuse can these gorgeous women take? They have no idea once they're bound and restrained enough so that they can't protect themselves from water jets coming at them from all angles, or being dunked up to their heads at Water Bondage.

This Kink network really knows what it is to offer up realistic, high quality BDSM and torture action. And when it comes to water torture, they set it up in ways to inflict the most pain and punishment possible, and capture it all on high definition video for your enjoyment. That's what Water Bondage is all about: amazing chicks who are tied up, punished all along their sexy bodies, all in preparation of the feeling of having their bodies shot at with high powered water jets, being dunked, or having streams shot into their orifices.

Above that action being completely sexy, Water Bondage is really creative with how they carry out these girl's punishments. Powerful jets spraying their unprotected bodies, weights being placed on their nipples while they float in a tank, water enemas placed everywhere to fill them up with water. It's just one after the other, amazing stuff that these women succumb to over and over again. These girls fight and resist, but it's all for nothing. Of course, they feel okay about it all afterwards, and even come back for more.

Besides these girls being willing to go through all of the humiliation and pain at Water Bondage, they're also extremely sexy. If you're a fan of blondes, brunettes, redheads, or all three, these women will do it for you. And hey, what woman doesn't look infinitely better once she's soaking wet anyway? The way their nude bodies are displayed once they're tied up is sexy as well, with everything spread out for you to see, especially once they're underwater.

I really loved the combination of extreme bondage and water torture at Water Bondage. The action was hot and intense, it lasted for a long time, and it looked great on high definition videos. You'll love watching these girls struggle, and yet still crave more punishment.

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